Funeral Directors

When a family member and loved one passes away there is sadness and regret about not spending enough time with the person that passed away. There are many religions in this world that will all have different burial rituals. funeral directors need to know all of those burials ritual to give you and your family the feeling that your loved one will be buried according to your religious traditions. 

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There are religions that are not allowing a body to be cremated as they say that if you cremate a body God cannot accept you in to heaven. While other may argue with that statement in many religions a traditional burial is required to be seen by God as pure.

In the Jewish religion the burial of a loved one must take place as soon as possible after the person dies. This is to show respect to the person that died as well as the inner body that will be much more respectect with a fast funeral. After the death of the person you loved in Jewish traditional the body is not to be left alone at any time. There is a specific person appointed called the watchman or the Shomer. That will stay with the body at any given time. In many of the Jewish communities it is tradition that the Shomer is somebody in the family of the deceased. A Jewish funeral can be delayed for the reason that family members fro other parts of the world have time to make travel arrangements to be there for the funeral. In the Jewish tradition an open casket is not allowed or not wanted. This is seen as disrespectful to the person that passed away.

The Muslim tradition when it come to burying there loved ones is not too much different then from any other religion. The burial must be taking place very fast after the death occurs. Family members will have to call a funeral director as soon as possible to come and collect the loved one. Cremation is forbidden for any muslim. Embalming and cosmetology are also not allowed unless the statelaw or the federal law states that either of those are required to bury the person that passed away. If a person would be involved in crime and killed under Muslim law it is not allowed to do an autopsy. This is seen as a desecration of the body. The body must be washed or Ghusl and then shrouded or Kafan. The Ghusl is done by same sex family members unless the spouse is alive, then the spouse is allowed to do the washing. The funeral directors need to know this information.

In the Christian belief it is tradition to when death is immanent that a priest comes to the house where the person is located and give that person the spirit rites and Holy Communion. After the death occurs the first call would be to call the priest and give the person that died the last rites. These are traditions that only are used by the Catholic Church. Other Christian believes use there own way. In the Baptist Christian religion the last rites and Holy Communion is not given, however in the Eastern Orthodoxx religion the Holy communion is given.